Update: The Great wacie.com Server Crash of 2016

I have to talk about something difficult today, and I’m not really sure how to do it, so here goes. wacie.com suffered a catastrophic loss of data this weekend, resulting in the past fourteen months of posts being lost. The web host I use had a hardware failure and lost all the backups, and I didn’t keep any of my own backups, so all that work really is basically gone. Google caches the pages without the photos, but recovering photos in their original quality is going to be a bigger, more difficult task. Please bear with me while I work through this. I hope to be able to restore a majority of the posts in the future. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

I’m just really disappointed about the whole thing. wacie.com is a big part of my life, something I spend a great deal of time on each day, and I’m so sad and so frustrated to have a year’s work suddenly be lost forever. Moving forward, I’ll do as much as I can while maintaining the regular posting schedule. I’ll redo any swatches I can’t recover. I want wacie.com to continue to be a resource for indie nail polish info, so that’s why I won’t be giving up on it. I just wanted to apologize and get back to work.

March 19th Update: The blog is mostly restored now. I scraped what I could from Google’s cached pages; I got all the text back, and I got mostly-complete sets of thumbnails of images. If you’re a maker and need better-quality photos of swatches, please contact me. Otherwise, I hope the restored entries, though compromised, are still helpful and relevant. Thanks for understanding.

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