Swatch: Emerald & Ash’s Boot Season

I don’t normally do this, but I got something new in the mail today, and I had to try it out right away. This is Boot Season from Emerald & Ash, a brown holo with copper flash. I’m wearing three coats (through two would have been sufficient) and two coats of Seche Vite.








The first seven pictures were taken in my studio, where the holo was pretty hard to see. You can almost see it in the second to last photo. In all the others, it just looks like a rich, shimmery brown. I love browns like this, especially in the summer; it’s like my nails have a tan. The formula was on the thick side, but I like that; I find it easier to work with and I don’t make a huge mess. This is my first E&A, so I’m new to the nice grippy brush cap. I like that a lot.

Okay, here’s the outdoor sunlight photos. Look at that holo! This polish looks completely different in the sunlight. There’s so much pretty holo goodness. It’s amazing. I have no other words.








I started using Instagram in February to meet other nail bloggers and discover some new polish brands. It’s been a lot of fun being able to interact more with the people who make my polish, polishes I haven’t tried yet, and people who might be wearing Wacie Nail Co. in the future. A few days ago, Emerald & Ash posted a photo of their bitchin’ new business cards, and I, being the proofreader I am, happened to spot a spelling error on it. Turns out it had been that way for a long time and no one had noticed. To thank me, they sent me this bottle of Boot Season. I decided to review it ASAP because I want to feel like I earned it. I did get this polish for free, but reviewing it wasn’t even part of the deal. That was all me. If you like Boot Season, you can buy it here. I mentioned before that this is my first Emerald & Ash. I will undoubtedly be buying more of this brand.

Review: Selections from Model City’s Upcoming Spring Collection

Today is an exciting day, because I’m sharing with you two brand new polishes from Model City’s upcoming spring collection. I’m super-thrilled to have the privilege to share them with you before they officially launch on March 22. These polishes were supplied by Model City Polish, but that doesn’t affect or influence my opinion on them at all. Having said that, let’s check it out.


The pearly pink-lilac I’m wearing here is called Fairy Godmother. I’m wearing three coats of it with one coat of Seche Vite. It is a light, innocent, unassuming color until you see this intense pink shine. I’m somewhat afraid I didn’t do it justice, because it’s much stronger than it appears to be in the photos. It is absolutely beautiful. As for the formula, it applies evenly; I could have gotten away with two coats. It dries very quickly. I have zero complaints with Fairy Godmother. It could not be a better polish.








Awaken to Spring is a clear glitter topper with lots of twinkling blue holographic glitter, metallic copper and brown hexes, and pink dots. I’m wearing one heavy-handed coat of it over Fairy Godmother. The consistency is similar to Fairy Godmother’s; it also dries quickly, and the glitter goes on smoothly and easily. This melange of glitter is all sparkle. These two colors complement each other very well, but I stole that deep pink luster from Fairy Godmother when I put the glitter over it.








Overall, I am totally blown away by these polishes. They are sweet and cheerful colors, evocative of the beauty of springtime. Admittedly, these are the only two from the collection I’ve seen. I cannot wait to see the rest! Again, these will be available on March 22 from Model City Polish. Model City is also now taking international orders, so now everyone around the world can get in on this gorgeous set of polishes. Thanks again to Nina at Model City for allowing me the opportunity to review these, and thank you for reading.