News: Wacie Nail Co. for Depression Awareness

This is so exciting, guys! There is now a Wacie Nail Company polish you can actually buy. Yes! Julie, the owner of Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, is holding a huge charity auction, with dozens of rare, hard to find, and one of a kind polishes up for grabs. One of these is the first-ever Wacie Nail Company polish to actually leave my house. Blue Skies Ahead is a silver linear holo with rainbow flakies that turns blue in sunlight and glows in the dark. Yeah, it does all that! I’m wearing three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.


Indoors, this polish is already really pretty. In the studio, the holo effect isn’t too obvious, but the rainbow flakies shine nicely. Then, when you go outside, this happens:



Did you see that? I had to make a gif, just to prove that it actually happens. It’s a subtle change, but it does change. Then, when you’re in the dark, this happens:


Crazy, right? It’s amazing! This polish glows really brightly in the dark, and glows blue rather than yellow or green. It only takes a few seconds to charge it up, and it glows for a very long time.

There is only one bottle of Blue Skies Ahead available, at it’s up for auction. All of the proceeds of this auction benefit I Need A LightHouse, an organization that raises awareness of depression and suicide prevention education. This is a cause that means a great deal to me, and I really hope you’ll help Julie and me raise lots of money for it. You can find Blue Skies Ahead and the rest of the auction here. Thank you so much.

Wacie Wednesday: Millefleur

Today’s Wacie Wednesday post is super exciting, because my brand new Wacie Nail Co. labels are making their debut on the blog! I am really excited about these, because labels were the last big hurdle to get over before I could finally open my shop. Now that I have them, Wacie Nail Company is super close to opening. We’re only five months behind schedule! To celebrate, we’re going to look at a new Wacie Nail Co. polish called Millefleur. I’m wearing one coat over Sally Hansen’s Hard to Get and Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and Navigate Her.





This bottle of Millefleur was kind of a dud. The name suggests it’s only flower glitter in this bottle, and the swatch suggests that as well. It’s not true, though. Besides the holo red hexes, there are holo red hearts. There are pink glass dots in addition to the pink slices, hexes, and dots; those are also nowhere to be seen on my nail. I don’t know what the deal is with that. The flowers came out easily, but everything else was at the bottom, I guess.



There’s a lot I could have done to improve this polish. Thinning it would be the best for it, I think; the consistency was too thick and dry time was rather long. It would probably help the elusive glitters distribute a bit more evenly. I’ll definitely keep these things in mind when I’m reformulating it. Maybe some color variety would help too; I do admit that I just dumped every pink and red glitter I had into one bottle. It could definitely do with some iridescent glitters, or maybe some Spectraflair. As it is, it’s rather one-dimensional, but that’s an easy fix.



I’m really excited about where Wacie Nail Co. is and where it’s going. Big things are coming up, so watch this space for the big news. For real this time!

Manicure Monday: My Other Car is a TARDIS

Manicure Monday is really fun today! I’m wearing one of my first-ever indies, My Other Car is a TARDIS from Digital Nails. On some nails, I sandwiched some TARDIS-blue dried flowers between coats. I’m wearing three coats alone with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.




My Other Car is a TARDIS is described by Digital Nails as a “rich blue jelly base with royal blue hex glitter, deep ocean blue micro glitter, and holographic deep and oceanic blue small hex glitters.” The consistency is a bit on the thin side, and it could flood your cuticles if you’re not careful. I flooded one of mine, but it cleaned up easily. Other than that, application was easy. There’s not a lot of glitter in this one, but I think that’s intentional; I think this polish is more about the jelly anyway. I’m totally fine with that.



The flowers were a last minute addition. Usually I like to add a nail charm to polishes that already have a lot going on, but I didn’t have any acrylic ones that were the right color, and I’d used my only silver ones last week. I looked through my rhinestones and fimo slices, and none of them were right. I had one of Ciate’s flower mani kits, and I forget what color it initially came with, but I knew the blue flowers were just right. I cut them in half and put them at the edges, but I wish I’d put on some whole ones. I was really afraid I’d run out if I used too many, but I had a bunch left over anyway.



The jelly is perfect. It’s translucent, but the color isn’t watered down at all. You can see all the way through it. Even after three coats, you can see all the way through them. You can see the glitter, the flowers, the visible nail line. And since the glitters are the same color as the base, you don’t see much of them, only the shine they produce. It’s especially obvious in the sunlight. It’s beautiful. I haven’t yet tried it with a dark base, but I bet it would be awesome over the dark blue I swatched last night. I almost left it on to paint over it.



My friend says my nails look like frozen raindrops. That’s cool too, I guess.


Swatch Sunday: Chanel’s Blue Satin

I’m realizing a dream today: I’m wearing a Chanel nail polish. Nordstrom opened a store in my city and I got several nail polishes and skincare products that are worth more than my life. I actually bought these a couple weeks ago as a hugely indulgent birthday gift, but I’ve finally found time to put one on. This is Blue Satin. I’m wearing three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.



Blue Satin is a very dark navy polish with sapphire shimmer. This is actually a one coat wonder; I typically wear three coats for a swatch, but I could have gotten away with one, maybe two just to be safe. Three was definitely overkill. Drying time was pretty moderate; it wasn’t especially fast, but didn’t take a very long time either. The finish was pretty glossy, but I really wanted a high-shine with this polish, so I used a top coat. The shimmer only comes out in certain lighting conditions. It looks fine in the office, but is quite flat in my office.




I don’t know why I wanted a Chanel polish so badly. I think I saw one in a magazine once, either as a teen or during my Harper’s Bazaar obsession in my early twenties, and thinking “Man, I’ll never have a nail polish like that.” 27 dollars for a nail polish was so, so far out of my reach then. I mean, it still is. I’ll probably never own more than these two, but that’s fine. This is enough. I hope.


I can’t believe I just typed the phrase “in my early twenties”. I am old.

Swatch Saturday: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s Matunda Ya Kwanza

For this week’s Swatch Saturday, I’m wearing an amazing Kwanzaa-themed polish from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer. This is Matunda Ya Kwanza, worn here at three generous coats with two coats of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro.





Matunda ya Kwanza is a light purple jelly filled to the top with glitters of every shape, color, and finish. There are so many kinds of glitter in here that I couldn’t possibly name them all. This is an explosion of color and glitter. The jelly is very light and very transparent, so the glitter from previous coats shows through nicely. It’s like a fine glitter patina on my nails. Naturally, since the jelly is so thin, it’s probably better worn over a light purple polish. It does look excellent that way. Because I wore three coats, it’s a bit thick and I probably should have stuck with two. It looks fantastic either way.



Trivia: The phrase “matunda ya kwanza” is a Swahili phrase meaning “first fruits of the harvest“.



I’ve told you guys about how much I love BEGL glitter toppers, right? They’re just absolutely perfect. The consistency is usually on the thicker side, but that’s because they’re packed with glitter, and no matter how much glitter is in it or how much I blob on, it’s always dry and smooth in a flash. It’s the best.

Sunlight photos. Because shiny.



I admit I didn’t know a lot about Kwanzaa before I got this polish. As much as I feel like a carpetbagger for saying it, I just thought the polish was pretty. The more I read about it, though, the more it’s something I’d like to be a part of. New cultural experiences are such a fun learning opportunity for me. I hope I don’t sound patronizing when I say that.

Manicure Monday: On the 101

Sorry for two late posts in a row; today relatives were in town. I didn’t finish this manicure until like seven o’clock today, and I just now have a chance to actually write about it. Today’s polish is one I love a lot, On the 101 from Wet ‘n Wild. I have on three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro.





On the 101 is a black jelly with various sizes of metallic red glitter. Application wasn’t too bad; Wet ‘n Wild have their really wide brush, and I usually have huge problems with it; I get a ton of polish in the cuticle, where I need it the least. I didn’t really have that problem today, though. This went on pretty cleanly. The glitters are a little hard to get, so if you want to wear this alone as a glitter jelly, three coats is definitely necessary. Even with black undies, you still may want two coats just to ensure maximum glitter pretty. It also dries somewhat matte, so if you want high shine, you’ll need a top coat.



So this is one of my favorites. I can’t remember if it was late 2012 or early 2013, but I was living alone, and I was kind of using nail polish as a bribe to get myself to walk the half-mile to Dollar General to get cat food, ramen, cheap wine, and other broke girl necessities. Previously, the only nail polishes they had were many varieties of LA Colors. I’d already bought a ton of those, and wasn’t interested. In fact, on the day I found this, it seems like I wasn’t even interested in buying polish, I was just passing through the aisle and noticed the new Wet ‘n Wild display. This particular bottle was unlike anything I had at the time, and even though I’d seen indies like this, I’d never seen anything like it in a store. I had to have it. I don’t think I could have even spared the two dollars it cost me, but I had to have it. I bought it so long ago, but today’s the first time I ever used it.



It was late when I took these, so I wasn’t able to get sunlight shots of it. I bet this is huge in the sunshine though. It shines really nicely indoors.

Finally, let me apologize about the charm. Since I was using only one polish, I wanted to add something extra, but I don’t have any red acrylic bows, like I’d usually use. I had this cute silver bow, so I put it on with a tiny dab of super glue. I don’t know if I used too much, or if it’s a remnant from the last time I wore it, but there’s this dried white unsightly mess all around it. It definitely looks worse in the photos than it does in real life, I really had no idea it was there until I saw the photos. I’m really embarrassed.

Swatch Sunday: Butter London’s West End Wonderland

Swatch Sunday is super late this week. I got distracted with mimosas and quiche and a bunch of long-neglected housework after. I’m wearing my first-ever Butter London for the swatch today! This is West End Wonderland, which I was lucky enough to get in a swap. This is three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro.





West End Wonderland is a full-coverage glitter; it’s a clear base packed full of superfine gold and copper glitters. Because there’s so much glitter, I don’t recommend it as a glitter topper. It spreads so evenly and so thickly (even when you use a light hand!) that it would obscure the base color quite a bit. Like a lot of jam-packed glitter polishes, it dries very quickly. It does have some texture when dry, but since the glitter grade is so fine, it’s not rough or unpleasant to the touch. Make sure you stay in the lines with this one, though; that glitter is tough to clean up with a brush.


I really like this look. Since I’m already seeing Christmas items in department stores, I’m thinking about what a fantastic holiday polish this is. It’s perfect for this season, really. Gold is a classic color for autumn and winter, after all. Something else I like about this is that it’s glittery, but it’s not overtly so. Personally, this is not really my style, but if you’re one who doesn’t like a lot of glitter, this may be for you. Also, I didn’t get a chance to photograph it in the sunlight, but West End Wonderland is beautiful in the sun. It’s not wildly shiny like a lot of glitters are. This one is pretty modest.



Final word: I really love these Butter London glitters. They’re like grown-up versions of a nail polish I had when I was younger. My sister gave it to me when I was in like fifth or six grade; it was the first glitter polish I ever owned. If I remember correctly, it was fine purple holo glitter like this, and it dried with a really gritty finish. It was a pain in the ass to take off, but I always put it right back on again. It was also the first time I ever used the last drop of a nail polish. I dearly loved that bottle.

Swatch Saturday: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s Guided by Starlight

I’d originally planned to wear this Christmas beauty last weekend, but I chose to forego the weekly swatches so I could wear my birthday cupcakes during the whole birthday weekend. Sorry! I believe this one was worth the wait. This is Guided by Starlight from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, worn at three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.





Guided by Starlight is a white crelly with gold and silver holo hex, dot, square, moon, and star-shaped glitters. Inspired by the Christmas holiday and the birth of Christ, this polish was designed with a celestial motif. Despite this, I think it’s a pretty wearable polish year-round. I’m not sure I’d recognize it as a holiday polish in other months of the year, even though all the signs are there. This would look fantastic on someone with a great tan.



Application went well, but I feel like three coats was maybe a tad unnecessary. The crelly is a bit more solid than in typical glitter crellies; between that and the large quantity of glitter, the consistency was rather thick. I suppose thinner would solve this problem, but I think I like the way it looks this way. The added coats cover the holog effect from the glitter, but not the glitter itself. It’s so cool.



I didn’t notice how opaque it is until I went outside. I really love this! It’s so creamy, so sparkly.



So I ran out of the Color Club clear coat I was using. I really liked it. It dried quickly, it held up well, and it didn’t pull or shrink. It’s also a shame, because I have no idea where to buy it so I can replace it. On the plus side, though, I get to try something new, and pull something out of my stash. I’ve got a few bottles of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro, as a result of buying so many caviar nail sets on sale at Sephora. It’s okay, I guess. I gave it five minutes to dry after applying it, and it still felt a bit wet and sticky. With the Color Club coat, I would have been ready to go after five minutes. I was a little afraid to get started with it still sticky like that, but everything went well. Everything else about it is fine, though: I still get a high shine and it feels durable. We’ll find out soon enough. I hope this is something I can keep using. I seriously have five bottles of this stuff.


Wacie Wednesday: Snowcrush

Snowcrush is the newest Wacie Nail Company polish! It is a clear glitter topper with white shreds and iridescent hex glitters. I’m wearing one coat over China Glaze’s Pelican Gray, Ciate’s Candy Floss, and Sally Hansen’s Limestone. All nails are topped with one coat of Color Club’s clear coat.




I love the look of all-white glitter toppers. They’re so effortlessly elegant. The white shreds you see happen to be the only white glitter I have, so I dumped a ton of it in a bottle, and used some fine iridescent shreds to fill it out. This is definitely a pretty simple polish, but it’s really pretty. For as little thought as I put into it, it has no business being this pretty right out.




White toppers also have the benefit of looking amazing over any color. As you can see, I wore it with some very bright polishes. Over black, the iridescent glitters would really shine. Over white, it would look like freshly-fallen snow (or at least what I imagine freshly-fallen snow looks like. I live in Florida. I wouldn’t know).



In the sunshine, this is crazy. You can’t see how much sparkle is coming from the iridescent glitters, but trust me, it’s blinding. I love iridescent glitters because they sparkle in any lighting condition.



Final word: this polish is a win. I love white glitters (they’re pretty over everything), shred glitters (they create the illusion of variety, even though it all came from the same bag), and iridescent glitters (shiny!). I’m really looking forward to making a batch of it this share with everyone.

Manicure Monday: Pale Gold and Glitter

As much as I hated to take off my cupcake nails, it’s Manicure Monday again. I’m moving on from my birthday mani to wear this sparkly gold one. This is Julep’s Amelia at three coats. The glitter is Essie’s On a Silver Platter, worn here at one coat. All nails are topped with Color Club’s clear coat.





Amelia is a sheer, frosty, pale gold polish. Three coats was definitely necessary for this one, because my nail line was still visible after two. In some lighting conditions, it’s still visible after three. As you can see, this one has a lot of frost, and as a result, a lot of visible brush strokes. Also, some weird bubbling occurred, but I’m not sure that’s a problem with the polish itself. Despite the formula, application was pretty easy. Julep polishes always tend to be a little thinner than I like them, and I end up with flooded cuticles and patchy coverage. This one is nice in that regard, I had no flooding and no issues with getting even coverage. If only the same were true with the brush strokes.



On a Silver Platter stole the show here, didn’t it? My gosh, this glitter is fantastic. The Essie website describes it as a “pearlescent gold with holographic violet glitter”. It’s just striking. I don’t usually like dark glitters in light bases, but I love this one a lot. Both the golden shine and the rainbow add something unique to the look. Application was easy; the glitters came out easily and spread well. And look at it in the sun! Gorgeous.



I can give or take Amelia, it’s not really anything special to me. This glitter, though, is something I need in my life forever.