Swatch Saturday: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s Dawn

I really love today’s swatch! Dawn is a special small batch polish from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, and I only have this mini bottle of it because someone was nice enough to decant it for me. I feel super-lucky to have it, and I’m excited to feature it on my blog. I am wearing three coats of Dawn with one coat of Digital Nails‘s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat. All photos were taken outdoors in direct sunlight.




Dawn is described by BEGL as a “pale pink linear holo with strong pink flash”. It applies evenly from the first coat, even though the first coat is on the sheer side; I got good opacity in two coats. The drying times were also quick. The formula is very easy to use; it’s not too thin or too thick. I was able to apply with lots of control. I didn’t take any indoor photos, but the holo effect doesn’t show up as well with indoor lighting. However, the pink flash is still quite potent. Outdoors is where I get the best of both.




My tastes have changed, I think. If you’d asked me a year ago if I’d ever write the words “I sure do love this dainty pink holo”, I’d probably scoff. Two years ago, before I even started this blog or even knew about indie polishes, I definitely would. It wasn’t that long ago I was dismissive of light pinks or nudes, and I wasn’t always a fan of holo polishes. This polish, though, is so sweet and dainty. It’s so ladylike. I keep looking down at my nails and thinking “Man, I’m so glad I came around to polishes like this.” I really do love this dainty pink holo.



As I mentioned, this is a decant from a full-size bottle. Once upon a time, I cart-jacked a BEGL prototype from Angela at Older Ladies Like Color Too. I felt bad, so I offered her a decant of it. She gave me this in return. It was a good trade. Dawn isn’t a currently available polish; I believe the last time it was for sale, there was one bottle up for auction during BEGL’s Depression Awareness charity auction in October. You can purchase other BEGL polishes from their shop.

Manicure Monday: Teal Glitter Gradient

I started this Manicure Monday with no real plan. I had a glitter and a bright base color, but I didn’t really know what to do. I thought at first I would use some nail vinyls to create a pattern, but I screwed it up. I tried stamping and blew that, too. I didn’t want to do a gradient because I always do those, but here we are. I used Sinful Colors’s Nail Junkie (how appropriate) and Essie’s Naughty Nautical, as well as two coats of Digital Nails‘s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.



Naughty Nautical is a teal polish with fine rainbow shimmer. Nail Junkie is a thin teal jelly with many colors of fine iridescent glitters. I paired them together thinking I would just wear Naughty Nautical as a base for Nail Junkie, but I thought that was boring and forced myself to do some nail art. It’s not as intricate and ambitious as I wanted it to be, but I like the look I got. I acheived it by putting down two coats of Nail Junkie, then doing the gradient. It looks like the glitter is sponged over the teal polish, but that’s not the case. I also considered painting another coat of glitter over the gradient, but I decided that what I had was enough. You can also see the nail with the stud has no gradient; it’s only the base color and glitter.



I’m pretty happy with it. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything nail-arty and fun. I really want to do more of that instead of just painting glitter over a base. Also, I’m really embarrassed by how dry my hands look in these photos. I put lotion on before I took them, I swear.



You can get these polishes wherever Essie and Sinful Colors are sold. Mine are from Walgreens.

I bought this polishes myself.

Swatch Sunday: Ellagee’s Chronic Badass

For this Swatch Sunday, I’m wearing my first-ever polish from Ellagee! This is Chronic Badass; I have on one brushed coat over China Glaze’s Pelican Gray, Essie’s Pilates Hottie, and LA Colors’s Daisy, topped with Digital Nails‘s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.





Chronic Badass is a clear glitter topper with black matte and holo glitters, metallic pink dots, black holo stars, and purple and holo silver butterflies. It was really easy to put on; the glitters brushed right on, and I didn’t have to fish for the stars or butterflies. All the glitters lay flat on the nail — even the butterflies — and are perfectly smooth with one coat of top coat. Drying times were good; I had no issues with prolonged tackiness. It has a really great formula.



Chronic Badass was part of a fibromyalgia-themed duo collaboration with Digital Nails. Both polishes were made with purple, the color for fibromyalgia awareness. Chronic Badass also makes use of the butterfly, a symbol embraced by fibro patients. Both polish makers have fibromyalgia and made this cool little polish box to raise awareness of this and other invisible illnesses. I admit I didn’t know a whole lot about it until this box went for sale last spring. It was an awesome thing for them to do; it makes me so happy to see polish makers use their time and materials (and glitter) to educate people and make the world just a little better.



I have some sunlight photos! The holo glitters love the sunshine, and shine a lot brighter than they do indoors. I really love this look; it’s so colorful and cheerful.



Originally, both polish makers had this duo box in their shops; Digital Nails no longer carries it, but it looks like Ellagee still has it in stock.

I bought these polishes myself.

Swatch Saturday: A England’s Jane Eyre

I’m really excited to to show you today’s swatch. I got my first A England polish! When I saw they had a polish based on Jane Eyre, I had to have it. I’m wearing three coats of Jane Eyre with one coat of Digital Nails‘s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.




Jane Eyre is a black polish with red-to-gold shifting shimmers. I got perfect opacity in the first coat, so the three I added were completely unnecessary. Drying times were very fast, and it dries with a satiny finish; top coat is definitely a must if you want to bring out those red shimmers. In my experience, the black is very opaque, and as you can see in my indoor studio photos, it obscures most of the shimmer, with or without top coat. In the sunlight photos below, it’s much more reactive and visible. The consistency of the formula was just right; it was really easy to apply.



Jane Eyre is my favorite book, and that may or may not be the reason I bought this polish. I actually don’t really know what led me to it; I found myself on A England’s website for some reason, saw this polish as a monthly special, and I started browsing the US stockists to see who had a bottle in stock. I probably looked for three or four before I found one. I think it’s a beautiful color, and I can absolutely see how the book might have inspired the polish: resentment, secrets, fire. (Seriously, go read the book.)



As I mentioned, the polish completely changes in the sunlight. It’s mostly black indoors, but in the sun, the red really pops out. It’s gorgeous. I’m really curious about A England’s other polishes; I’m definitely going to try others in the future.




Check A England‘s website to see who stocks them in your country. I live in the US and got my bottle from Color4Nails.

I purchased this bottle myself.

Manicure Monday: Theory Black

Another Monday, another manicure! I’m excited today because I’m got to use an indie polish I’ve had my eye on forever. It’s just as lovely as I imagined it would be! I’m wearing two coats of e.l.f.’s Sea Escape with one brushed coat of Kunimitsu Nail Potions‘s Beautiful Theory and one coat of Digital Nails‘s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.



Sea Escape is a black polish with teal shimmer. The shimmer is pretty weak and doesn’t show up much, even with top coat. It’s gorgeous in the bottle, but on the nail it’s not as obvious. The polish itself applied nicely; I got an opaque first coat, just like the last time I used an e.l.f. polish, so it’s got that going for it, at least. I hate to admit it, but these e.l.f. polishes are growing on me.



Now let me tell you about the real star (pun!) of this manicure. Kunimitsu’s Beautiful Theory is a glitter topper made up mostly of purply iridescent glitters. There are also gray/greenish stars, purple butterflies, and other assorted purple and white hexes and shimmer. It looks absolutely magnificent over this black polish. The glitter brushes on very easily and dries quickly. It’s smooth to the touch after one coat of top coat. I really need to use this more.



I got some sunlight photos. Even in the sun, Sea Escape still looks kind of blah. The turquoise flecks shine a little brighter, but not like it does in the bottle. Beautiful Theory looks about the same; the shimmers and iridescence pop out nicely in any lighting. I really love this mani. The dark colors and the chunky yet still delicate glitter feels really elegant.



Sea Escape was in the e.l.f. Disney Villains collection we talked about a few posts ago. Sinful Colors’s What’s Your Name would be a more accessible dupe, I think. Kunimitsu Nail Potions are available from their etsy shop, though Beautiful Theory doesn’t appear to be in stock at this time.

I bought these polishes myself.

Swatch Sunday: Elevation Polish’s Pitaraq

Hello, reader! For Swatch Sunday this week, we’re going to look at Pitaraq by Elevation Polish. I’m wearing one coat of Pitaraq over two coats each of Maybelline’s Poolside, OPI’s OPI… Eurso Euro, and Marc Jacobs’s Midnight in Paris with one coat of Digital Nails’s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.





Pitaraq is described by Elevation Polish as a shimmer topper; it consists of a clear base packed with blue, silver, and white flakies and blue shimmers. This topper is very easy to apply; one brushed coat is enough to cover the nail in wintry shimmer. The consistency is perfect; it’s not thick or goopy like toppers sometimes are. Drying times were good; I didn’t notice any excessive or prolonged periods of wetness or stickiness. It’s really easy to put on and use.



Inspired by the icy winds of Greenland, Pitaraq evokes, to me, the fierceness and cruelty of nature, as well as inclement weather and extreme conditions. It’s like an ice storm in a bottle. The cremes I used for undies were completely transformed; they are now shimmery, metallic, artcic versions of themselves. This is such a fun topper; even though it looks tame and demure in the bottle, but it really packs a punch.



Because spring is coming, we’re getting more sunshine, and so I’m able to start taking outdoor photos again. Look at this in the sunshine! It’s crazy. Every flakie reflects light and makes it super shiny. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.



As of this publication, Pitaraq is for sale at the Elevation Polish shop, though it has been discontinued. Act soon if it’s something you’re after.

I bought this polish myself.

Swatch Saturday: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s BEGL Go Bragh

Today might be Valentine’s Day, but I’m looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day, because beer is better than love and candy. Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer‘s BEGL Go Bragh was a limited edition polish released last year to celebrate the holiday and the Irish in all of us. I’m wearing three coats of BEGL Go Bragh with one coat of Digital Nails’s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat. Also, these photos were taken last week before I broke one and had to cut down to nubs, hence the wild difference in nail lengths.





BEGL Go Bragh is a bright green polish with orange shimmer. I put on three coats, but I got great opacity in just one. Drying times were good, and the polish dries to a satin finish. Applying a top coat brightens and intensifies the shimmer. The consistency was perfect; it was just the right thickness to deliver smooth and strong color in one go. There was some separation, hence the white settling on the bottom of the bottle, but it doesn’t seem to affect the color much, if at all. Overall, this polish is a dream to apply and use.




It’s fun to wear, too! I really love how the green and orange play off of each other. The shimmer is really subtle, too; it tends to pop out only when the light hits it. The green itself is already a bright pop of color; the orange shimmer is a colorful bonus. I feel like this makes the polish pretty versatile for a holiday polish. That’s my favorite thing about BEGL holiday polishes; I’m not sure I would have pinned it as a St. Paddy’s-themed polish if I didn’t already know it was one.


As this polish was a limited edition from a year ago, it’s no longer for sale. However, you can find other BEGL polishes in their shop.

I bought this polish myself.

Manicure Monday: Pre-Valentine’s Pretties

My Manicure Monday post this week is accidentally romantic! I’d paired these two polishes together because I just liked the way they looked. Then it turned out their names were funny together. Then it just happened to be the Monday before Valentine’s Day! I actually really hate Valentine’s Day, but I never turn down an excuse to dress up and be pretty. I’m wearing three coats of OPI’s Sprung, one brushed coat of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer‘s Idealistic Future, and one coat of Digital Nails’s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat.



Sprung is a lovely metallic copper with gold and cinnamon shimmers. It’s very shiny and reflective; if you look at the photo where I’m holding the bottle, you can see the reflection of my fingers on the polish. How crazy is that? I’m not sure I’ve ever used a polish that metallic. I didn’t notice it until I put it on. I almost feel a little bad about covering up all that shimmer with glitter, but it shines right through it. It’s awesome.



I used these two polishes together because I felt like Idealistic Future was the only glitter topper I had that could stand up to Sprung. Sprung has so much going on in it; there’s so much shimmer and color that any glitter I chose either competed with it or demanded too much attention. This was the only glitter that coexisted with it.Even though this look is perfect for the Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m probably not going to wear it that long. I have some super-awesome swatches lined up.



Sprung is discontinued by OPI, but it looks like a few are still available online. I get my other OPI polishes at Ulta. Idealistic Future has been discontinued by Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, but you can purchase other BEGLs from their shop.

I bought these polishes myself.

Swatch Sunday: e.l.f.’s Nude

For this Swatch Sunday, I’m wearing nubs! I broke a nail brushing my hair. I’m also wearing e.l.f.’s Nude at three coats with one coat of Digital Nails’s Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That top coat. Mostly though I’m wearing nubs.




Nude is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a nude creme. The lighting in my house is inconsistent, so I find the color changes based on lighting; in some rooms it’s more of a dusty mauve than a nude, and in others it’s a cool caramel. It’s very well-pigmented; I had perfect opacity in one coat, believe it or not. Drying times were very fast, and Nude dries with a satin finish. Top coat gives it a very dramatic shine.



I’ve heard some pretty bad things about e.l.f.’s polishes, so I’m really surprised by the quality of Nude. I can’t believe that I’d gotten such good coverage in one coat. I can’t believe I didn’t get any streaks or bald spots. I had a fantastic time applying this polish. The formula was a good consistency, and the brush was just the right size for my little nails. I’m really happy with how this swatch went.



Nude came in a Disney Villains-themed set with eleven other polishes. Specifically, this one is part of Cruella de Vil’s mini-set. I’m sensing a pattern. This set was available at Walgreens a couple years ago, but it looks like, as of this publication, there are a few available from independent sellers. Like the Disney Villains Varnish set I talked about last week, it’s probably not worth hunting down unless you really need the Villains packaging. The polishes are nice, but they aren’t that nice.

Swatch Saturday: Blue-Eyed Girl Prototype CTA 2.0

I have another prototype to show you this week! This is Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype CTA 2.0. I’ve got on three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.





CTA 2.0 is a white creme with multicolored shimmers. There’s something iridescent in it, something that shines blue to purple. There also seems to be something that shifts from gold to lilac. The shimmer in the bottle is absolutely beautiful, but it does not transfer to the nail well at all. You can see a few subtle stray shimmers in photos and that’s about it. The shimmers are a little stronger in person, but even then they’re mostly covered up by the thick white creme. It’s still pretty, but likely not what the maker intended, which is why it never made it past the prototype stage. CTA 2.0 dries matte with a fine texture. The drying time was pretty nice. It’s still a good polish overall.



In my own records, I call this polish Snowshine, just because I tend to lump everything that’s white with snow and winter. Based on the one time I got to stomp around in some day-old bargain bin snow, this polish really does remind me of snow. It’s all white until you get up close to it, and then you can see it sparkling in the sunlight, melting delicately into the earth. This polish is exactly like that. You have to look a little harder for the sparkle, but you know it’s there.



As CTA 2.0 was a prototype, the bottle I have is the only bottle and no others were made. You can buy other Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers from their shop.

I bought this polish myself.