Manicure Monday: Brown and Orange Tips on Yellow

I don’t like these.


I had this yellow, and I didn’t really know what to do with it. I didn’t want to do another gradient right away, and I didn’t feel like trying dots or anything. My original plan was to use the French manicure guides, but I didn’t have enough after last week’s manicure, so I used tape.

Rhinestones! The ring finger is a heart shape, the thumb is a diamond.

Rhinestones! The ring finger is a heart shape, the thumb is a diamond.

I was kind of in a rush with this. I had people over this weekend, and they had car trouble and had to stay over an extra day, so I hurried to get them done. I made kind of a mess, and I made the mistake of using polishes that weren’t very opaque. I put thick coats of polish on, and it kind of migrated away from the tips and left me with some weird discolorations and stringy bits the tape lifted. The tape also pulled up some of the orange pieces, hence the rhinestones.  Finally, I didn’t wait long enough to apply the top coat, so some smudging occurred.  Basically, these nails are like the sad yellow markers from our childhoods that met the black marker a few too many times. They definitely looked better in my head, and could have turned out better if I had been able to take my time with them.

Bubbles and smudges and all kinds of sadness.

Bubbles and smudges and all kinds of sadness.

I love the color combination, though. It just came together very easily, and it wasn’t until yesterday when I saw this pillow in my living room that had been crocheted or knitted by someone’s grandmother using the same colors. I wonder if I was subconsciously influenced by it.

Bonder, Quick Canary, Orange Smoothie, Under Your Spell, Out the Door

Bonder, Quick Canary, Orange Smoothie, Under Your Spell, Out the Door

This is the first time I ever used Wet ‘n Wild polishes, and they have this really wide brush that wasn’t suitable for detail work like this. I bet they get really nice coverage in different situations, but I don’t think I’ll use them again for this purpose. I put on a lot of top coat to smooth down the rhinestones, and it almost feels like Seche Vite again. I miss it.

4 thoughts on “Manicure Monday: Brown and Orange Tips on Yellow

  1. This kind of sort reminds me of Candy Corn for some reason. It’s probably just me as I know the colors aren’t quite right for it. lol Anyways, I bet a variation of this could be super cute for October.
    Also, I was curious what nail polish remover you used and recommended. I can’t stand scrubbing at my nail for like 10 minutes to get the polish off.

    • No, I had people telling me all day yesterday they looked like candy corn. It wasn’t just you.

      I use pure acetone to take off my polish. Since I use so much of it, I get the milk jug-sized bottles of it from Sally Beauty Supply, but Walgreens and Target sell it, so probably everyone else does, too. Hardware stores also have it if you’re unable to find it anywhere else.

      • lol Well you should totally do something like that for October then.

        Thanks for the info on the remover. I had a feeling that’s what you used and was exactly what I was doing wrong. I was using a non-acetone polish remover and it was driving me crazy.

        I picked up some acetone nail polish remover pads from Ulta and omg they worked great! I don’t know if its the acetone or the texture of the pads, but either way they strip off the polish fast and easy.

        Btw, do you have Ulta stores in your area? I know they weren’t when I lived there but I wasn’t sure about now.

        • I tried using non-acetone, because I thought it would be better for my nails.It might have been, but it wasn’t worth the trouble.

          I love our Ulta! It opened a few years ago, and even though I shop at Sephora most of the time, Ulta has some great things Sephora doesn’t. Ulta and Sephora are the two biggest reasons I’m broke.

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