Swatch Saturday: Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype PSB1

My swatch this week is a Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer prototype. They turn up in the BEGL store occasionally; they’re early versions of polishes or rejected customs. Most of the time there’s only one, so it’s cool having a one-of-a-kind polish. Keep an eye out so you can snag your own.


I am super sorry about those edges. Breaks suck.


The label is smudged from the last time I used it.

Note the handwritten label.

Note the handwritten label.


PSB1 is a creamy aqua crelly with a fine pink shimmer, red stars and various glitters in pink and blue. It was a little thick; and the first time I applied it, it was gummy and never fully dried, even after allowing 30 minutes between each coat. I put some thinner in it and that fixed it. It was much easier to apply after that. The end result is a bit sheer, which I like. I like being able to see the glitters on the first coat through the last coat. I like the dimensional glitter. This is most evident on the middle nail.





I don’t know what was meant by the cryptic name, so because PSB1 doesn’t really roll off the tongue, I’ve been calling it PROTOFABULOUS. I like the idea that just because it’s not finished, that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.

I’m sure I had more to say about this, but I’m hungover and my brain is still hazy from tequila.

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