wacie.com Two Year Anniversary Post!

Today is the second anniversary of wacie.com! Two years ago, I posted a mani and wrote some stuff about it. I didn’t know what to expect then; it was my first time owning my own domain and really running a website myself. I really had no idea that, two years later, I’d still be doing it. I am amazed that I’ve come this far. Just like I did last year, I want to share some stats and numbers with you to show how the blog has grown and improved in the past year.

Julep was the brand featured in the most Manicure Monday posts; last year it was Sally Hansen. Blue-Eyed Girl is still the most-swatched brand. Pink was the most often-used color; last year’s was blue. Gradients are still the most common nail art technique. A lot has changed since last year, so make you look at last year’s post to compare.






This year saw a lot more swatches than last year. The swatches even outnumber the Manicure Monday posts now. At this time last year, Swatch Saturday was just getting started and I was only a few bottles in. Wacie Nail Company was still in its very early stages and I was crazy with experimenting. This year saw the introduction of Swatch Sunday and the Summer of Untrieds, which really beefed up the numbers. Indie polishes were used 107 times, way up from the ten or so I used last year. Glitter was used in 92 manicures. 35 manicures used accent nails, mainly swatches of glitter toppers. Last year I estimated 617 bottles in my collection; this year I count 987, which means I’ve purchased 390 polishes since March 2014.

The next year of wacie.com is going to be really exciting. I hope that you, dear reader, will stick around to share it with me.

News: Wacie Nail Co. for Depression Awareness

This is so exciting, guys! There is now a Wacie Nail Company polish you can actually buy. Yes! Julie, the owner of Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, is holding a huge charity auction, with dozens of rare, hard to find, and one of a kind polishes up for grabs. One of these is the first-ever Wacie Nail Company polish to actually leave my house. Blue Skies Ahead is a silver linear holo with rainbow flakies that turns blue in sunlight and glows in the dark. Yeah, it does all that! I’m wearing three coats with one coat of Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro top coat.


Indoors, this polish is already really pretty. In the studio, the holo effect isn’t too obvious, but the rainbow flakies shine nicely. Then, when you go outside, this happens:



Did you see that? I had to make a gif, just to prove that it actually happens. It’s a subtle change, but it does change. Then, when you’re in the dark, this happens:


Crazy, right? It’s amazing! This polish glows really brightly in the dark, and glows blue rather than yellow or green. It only takes a few seconds to charge it up, and it glows for a very long time.

There is only one bottle of Blue Skies Ahead available, at it’s up for auction. All of the proceeds of this auction benefit I Need A LightHouse, an organization that raises awareness of depression and suicide prevention education. This is a cause that means a great deal to me, and I really hope you’ll help Julie and me raise lots of money for it. You can find Blue Skies Ahead and the rest of the auction here. Thank you so much.

2014 Birthday Nails!

It’s my birthday! I’m not going to do a proper write-up of all the polishes today, I’m just going to show this off because I am way too proud of it.


Here are the polishes I used:
Thumb: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer‘s Dawn Breaks
Index: Indigo Banana‘s Moonlight (Clair de Lune)
Cupcakes: P2’s French Kiss, American Apparel’s Neon Pink, Essie’s Fiji, Ciate’s Candy Floss
Pinky: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s If You’re a Seascape

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s participating in the giveaway! If you haven’t entered yet, you have, of this writing, eight hours left to enter to win two Ciate polishes. The winner will be announced tomorrow! I’m so excited, this is my first giveaway and it is going gloriously well. I can’t wait to do this again.

Wacie Wednesday: Dusk

This Wacie Wednesday is a little late because I had to worry about taking a final exam and worrying about making it to the bar in time for happy hour. I love my blog and I love my readers, but I love beer, too. This week, I’m wearing Dusk from Wacie Nail Company. This is three coats with two coats of top coat.





Dusk is a creamy twilight purple. Basically, I was fooling around in my polish workshop, and I challenged myself to make a purple, and this is what I came up with. The polish has a ton of sparkle, but when I applied it, it dried matte and flat on its own, giving an almost metallic appearance. The topcoat really brings out the shimmer, making it exactly as it does in the bottle. It went on pretty easily, but the formula was still thick, even after pouring lots of thinner in it. One big disadvantage to this polish was how difficult it was to clean up. I used some mica powder in it; I’m totally winging the polish mixing this here, so I don’t know if this was a no-no or not. Anyway, the problem I had was the same problem I had with Gold Rush: cleanup took twice as long because the pigment I used was immune to acetone. It’s possible, but totally ridiculous.




Dusk may be my favorite part of the day. I love watching the sky turn dark with night; it reminds me of the long walks home from the bus stop when I was a student, or more recently, when I was walking to the convenience store, counting change on my way there to make sure I had enough quarters for cat food. It’s a beautiful time of transition: the crickets start to chirp, the songbird quiet down for the night, and the smells of dinner waft from houses to the sidewalk.  I wasn’t seeking to capture that when I made this, but I love that it happened.



Okay, so no Wacie Nail Co. launch this week. I think I’m aiming for June now. I’m going on vacation in mid-May and I would feel like a jerk launching a store and then going on vacation for two weeks. So hopefully, June will be the launch, and then I have the whole summer to dedicate to pouring polish. Yay.

wacie.com One Year Anniversary “Celebration”

Today is the one year anniversary of wacie.com! I can’t believe I’ve been sharing my polish obsession/calling for help for an entire year. A lot has happened since I started doing this. I bought a ton of nail polish, I started my own brand, and I’ve made a lot of awesome friends in the nail blog community. It’s been a fantastic experience. To celebrate, I’ve compiled some stats about the blog, made some charts, and decided to post them for all to enjoy. Yeah, I am wicked fun at parties.

Sally Hansen is the most often used brand, being used in a total of 16 different manicures. Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer was the brand swatched the most times. Blue was the most often used color, and gradients were the most frequently used nail art technique. Here are the graphs!




Some other numbers:
Glitter was used in 63% of all manicures.
22% of the polishes featured on the blog were made by indie brands. Four of them I made myself.
I have 617 bottles of polish. I’ve only used 133 on the blog. Before I started the blog, I had less than 200. 79% of my collection hasn’t been on the blog yet, and even fewer have been used at all.
I have posted 74 manicures this year.

The numbers this time around were small and a little boring, but next March, I think they’ll be a little more interesting, if you can say that about arbitrary nail polish blog stats. Whatever, I think it’s cool. Here’s to another year of wacie.com!