Summer of Untrieds Day 15: Pink

Day 15 of the Summer Untrieds Challenge calls for pink, so I went with something I’ve had for ages and have never tried: My first-ever China Glaze! I grabbed a bunch of these vibrant glitter crackle polishes during a huge Sally Beauty sale last summer (or maybe the summer before?), and I’ve only used one of them until today. This is one coat of Glam-More over two coats of Ciaté’s Amazing Gracie, topped with one coat of Seche Vite.




As you can see, Glam-More is a glitter crackle. It’s pink, pretty, and totally passé. I just can’t say no to glitter, though, in any of its forms. This was actually quite thick when I opened it, but I took care of that with some thinner. It went on easily after thinning and the crackle effect occurred almost immediately. I think it’s a bit pinker in person; it looks purplish in the studio. That’s a bit misleading.



I’ve never used Amazing Gracie before today, so I’ll say something about it, too. It’s a soft, sheer nude that’s perfect for a French mani. It dries quickly and with a nice shine. I fear these polishes a little, because they always come out streaky, and since they’re so translucent, you can never correct it with another coat. That happened to me a little, but isn’t noticeable under the crackle.



I really love how dense the glitter is in Glam-More. It’s basically a clear crackle with glitter; there’s no pigment at all, that’s all glitter! This is especially obvious in the sunlight/outdoor photos. I regret using such a delicate base color, though; I feel like a darker color would have done more for it. Actually, looking back, I made that mistake the last time I used one of these crackle polishes. Why didn’t I learn?



I feel a little weird wearing this. I know I’m late to like every nail trend ever, but this is crazy. It’s like a nail polish time capsule.

Summer of Untrieds Day 13: China Glaze

Day 13 of the Summer Untrieds Challenge calls for China Glaze, so here I am trying the first China Glaze on my list: Running in Circles. Running in Circles is an awesome shamrock green jelly with fine metallic glitters. I’m wearing three coats of it here with one coat of top coat. Note: this post is late because of World Cup finals and excessive drinking.




So I didn’t expect Running in Circles to be such a thin jelly, but it is; my nail line is just barely visible, even after three coats. The tips were the hardest part to cover; I thought they looked great until I took photos and they looked a little bald. Despite that, each coat went on easily and evenly. The glitter spreads really well. I like this polish a lot, but it’s a little too Christmassy for July.



So I took these pictures when it was dark outside, so there weren’t any great sunlight photos of them. You’ll have to take my word on how awesome this looks outdoors. It’s so full of glitter and sparkle, it’s amazing.



Running in Circles was part of China Glaze’s Cirque du Soleil collection from last year, and has a blue counterpart called Water You Waiting For, which I also have. I cannot wait to do a gradient with those.

Summer of Untrieds Day 11: Summer

Day 11 of the Summer Untrieds Challenge is simply titled “Summer”, so I scanned through the Polish List, looking for something that spoke to me. After a couple of rounds, I found Super Temp and thought it was perfect. After all, what says summer like the temperatures in Florida in July? I’m pretty sure Super Temp is actually a Doctor Who reference, but I’m going to overlook that for now. Anyway, here is Super Temp from Digital Nails at three coats and one coat of top coat.



Super Temp is described by Digital Nails as “a brighter-than-most-can-handle orange coral jelly-crelly, with loads and loads of golden microflakes”. The consistency was a little thick but still easy to work with; I’m going to chalk that up to all the gold flakies in here. There’s a ton of them, and they shine beautifully in the light. The opacity is just right, too; even though it’s meant to be a thick jelly, my first coat was nearly opaque. This is seriously really fun to wear.



I knew I needed this when I first saw it. I don’t own a ton of orange polishes, and I’m always on the lookout for more, especially when they’re as bright and insane as this one. It makes my fingers look tanner, too. It’s a summery color for sure! I’m just sorry I couldn’t get an outdoor sunshine photo of this, it would have been crazy. Actually, if I’d wanted to be accurate about Florida’s summer, I would have used something gray and blah, because it has rained every day this week.



One more thing: you’ll notice the bottom of my bottle is faded white. I actually have a few bottles doing this, and I don’t know what causes it. The polish in the bottle is fine, but the stuff on the bottom is a completely different color. What gives?

Summer of Untrieds Day 10: Purple

The Summer of Untrieds Challenge requires me to wear purple today, so I went with Ciate’s Pillow Fight, a dusky, dreamy lilac creme. I’m wearing three coats of it with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. All photos were taken in the studio today.




This Ciate experience went a little better than my last; Hopscotch was never fully opaque, even after three coats. Pillow Fight is nice, though. It applied well and dried pretty quickly. My brush had a loose hair in it though, which looks like it came off on my pinky nail. Lame.



I’m not sure how much I like the color, though; I don’t feel like I’m pulling it off well. It’s so soft and really pretty in the bottle, but it doesn’t look like much on me, at least not on its own. I bet it would look awesome in a gradient or with some glitter.



On a side note, it feels like this month is moving so slowly because I’ve been painting my nails and posting every single day. I actually like it a little. The first half of this year went by so quickly and quietly, and that kind of unnerves me.

Summer of Untrieds Day 8: Glitter With Colored Base

The polish I chose for the challenge today is another recent acquisition from my vacation; I bought this and a few others from the Times Square Sephora. This is Candy Shop from Deborah Lippmann; I’m wearing three coats with one coat of Seche Vite.





Candy Shop is a pink crelly with a rainbow of glitter, very similar to China Glaze’s It’s a Trapeze. I love these glitter crellies; they are always so cute and sparkly without being too flashy. What I don’t love is trying to clean my cuticles up with these; I never get clean, sharp edges.





Even though it was overcast, I took a couple outdoor shots anyway, and they turned out pretty well. There’s a nice shine from the glitter, and you can really see the dimension in the layers.



Despite the mess, this polish is fun and cute. I almost feel bad that I won’t be wearing it for very long. Good thing it’s going to be impossible to take off tomorrow.

Summer of Untrieds Day Six: Orange

Day Six of the Summer Untrieds Challenge is orange, and my first untried orange on the polish list is Ciate’s Hopscotch, so here we are. I have a ton of untried Ciate polishes from their advent calendars and various nail art kits, so I’m excited to finally use one. I’m wearing three coats of Hopscotch with one coat of Seche Vite.




This one varies a bit in different lighting conditions. In my office, it looks pretty orange, but in the studio, it’s a tomato red. I liked the formula and consistency of the polish, it applies evenly and easily. It dries with a very shiny finish, almost shiny enough to go without a top coat. My one complaint is that it’s still sheer enough after three coats that my nail line is still visible; this is something that’s not too obvious in photos. It’s not a bad thing, really; I’d hoped for more opacity.


You can see the visible nail lines here.

You can see the visible nail lines here.



I love orange polish, and this is one I definitely want to revisit in the future.



Summer of Untrieds Day Four: Red, White, and Blue

When I saw the order of the day today, I knew exactly what polish I had to use. 1776 by Different Dimension is a patriotic-as-hell glitter topper with red, white, and blue stars, white bars, red dots, and tiny white glitters throughout. I bought this on sale last year, and it’s my first-ever Different Dimension polish, so I’m excited to be using it today. I feel like I cheated a bit on the challenge today, because I’m seeing a lot of intricate and ornate nail art pieces for this day of the challenge, and I just put glitter over yesterday’s creme polish. This is two coats of 1776 over three coats of Butter London’s Bumster, with one coat of Seche Vite.





I did a pretty poor job applying this. I put it on in a hurry and didn’t expect the star glitters to be so tough to get out. I managed to get one star on my left hand, but it looks great there, so it’s got that going for it. Next time, I will definitely turn this bottle over and let the glitters redistribute themselves a bit better.





It looks crazy awesome over Bumster, too. I loved Bumster on its own, and I felt a little bad painting over it, but I think these polishes compliment each other well. I love glitter over nudes, it’s such a simple look.

I thought I did a pretty good job cleaning up my cuticles, and then I went into the sun and took some photos. Nope!

I thought I did a pretty good job cleaning up my cuticles, and then I went into the sun and took some photos. Nope!


Now that I’ve done this, it’s time to dive into July 4th festivities.

Summer of Untrieds Day 3: Creme

So this month, I’m doing something a little different. I’m doing the Summer Untrieds Challenge, a month-long challenge devised by Julie at Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl; the idea is that, every day, you use a polish you’ve never tried before. There’s a handy set of rules, and even though I don’t plan to stop my scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday manicures, I don’t see the harm in doing the rest of the polishes on the days I don’t have anything set. Technically, all the polishes I plan to use are untried, so I say that still counts. I’m picking up late on Day 3, but Day 1 was OPI and I had an OPI mani on Monday, so I say that counts too. Anyway, I’m kicking off at Day 3. The order of the day is a creme polish, so I went down the polish list and landed on my first untried creme: Butter London’s Bumster. This is three coats with one coat of Seche Vite.




So I like Bumster. I have actually no idea what color this is: peanut butter? butterscotch? khaki? I have no idea, but I freaking love it. Every time I use a neutral polish in a manicure, I always feel bad that I have to paint over it. My nails always look so long and healthy and awesome in nude polish; I think I’ve said this before, but nude polish is like mascara for nails. I’m so glad I get to wear this for a while and not have to worry about painting right over it and spoiling the color.



This is the first Butter London I’ve featured on the blog. This is one of the five-dollar jobbies I found at Nordstrom Rack that one time. This is a really nice formula; even the first coat went on evenly and streak-free. There were absolutely no surprises here, and I love it.



As a result of the challenge, there will be a new post on this blog every single day. I’ve never been one to change my nail color every single day, so that’s new for me. I think it’ll be a good thing, though. I always put off my chores because I’m too attached to my new manicure. Maybe I’ll finally get some dishes done.